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In todays busy ever changing regulatory environment, do you have time to make sure you and your business remain compliant, whilst at the same time providing a service that is " competent and delivered in a timely manner " its a lot to do. Not only does this fall to COLPs but as a manager you are responsible for compliance by your firm with the Codes of Conduct for Solicitors and Firms.

COLPs have to:

  • Ensure compliance by your firm, manager/s and employees with the SRA's regulatory arrangements which apply to you.

  • Ensure firm's managers and those they employ or contract with do not cause or substantially contribute to a breach of the SRA's Regulatory Arrangements.

  • Ensure a prompt report is made to the SRA of any facts or matters that you believe are capable of amounting to a serious breach.

  • Informing the SRA promptly of any facts you reasonably believe should be brought to it's attention.


A serious failure to meet the SRA standards or a serious breach of their regulatory requirements may lead to regulatory action being taken against the firm, managers, employees or COLP's who are ultimately responsible for Compliance.​

The time taken to ensure compliance procedures are followed, cuts into your fee earning ability.

At CRCS Legal we can help you manage your obligations stress free by working with you to offer you a tailored Compliance Solution. This not only helps you remain Compliant but it will help your budget as you don't have to pay for a full time Compliance Professional or we can fill the gap in your in-house support if they can't cover all aspects.

Compliance: Inventory

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