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Research released by the SRA shows that 88% of clients are happy with the service they receive from their solicitor. More recent data released by the SRA on 9 July 2019 suggests that law firms are getting better at resolving complaints and most clients say they are happy with the quality of service received from firms (88%)

However, sometimes things do go wrong and it is then that you will receive a complaint. No one likes to receive a complaint about the service they have provided, but this is one regulatory risk that must be managed effectively. It is very difficult to be objective when your work is being complained about. Complaints can be time consuming, taking you away from the important client matters that are, after all, the life blood of your firm.

We offer complaint resolution services that are tailored to your particular needs that include:


  • One off complaint handling

  • Ad hoc advice about a particular issue

  • Complete complaint handling package

  • Dealing with The Legal Ombudsman


You are not bound to a contract with us and can use us as often or as infrequently as you like.  Your complaint procedure can be tailored to encompass this arrangement. 

The SRA Rules and Regulations in the two codes of conduct, one for firms, both have a focus on customer care and complaint handling. The obligation in respect of dealing with complaints is that they must be dealt with: 

promptly, fairly and free of charge.

So why use CRCS Legal to deal with your complaints? 

  • More cost and time effective than dealing with it in house

  • Allows you to continue fee earning whilst the issue is being dealt with

  • Provides you an assurance that you are being compliant with your obligations

  • Can provide help all the way up to and including dealing with LeO

  • Gives an objective view of the complaint

  • Provides practical guidance on resolution

  • Gives your clients confidence that you take complaints seriously

  • Shows that you take complaint handling seriously to both the SRA and LeO

  • Provides feedback so you can see where there are areas for improvement and offers solutions to them

  • Takes the stress out of receiving and dealing with a complaint

Having CRCS Legal on board gives you the confidence that you are continuously compliant, you get the assurance that your obligations in respect of complaints are being handled correctly and effectively and we will support you and your team with ad-hoc advice being available by phone or email.


Let CRCS Legal take the stress away from your Firm, leaving you free to run your firm and provide an excellent service to your Clients. 

You are the expert in providing legal advice and solutions to your clients, so why not use an expert to deal with your Complaint Resolution 


Compliance Solutions.

We work remotely, so don’t need to visit your offices, but are able to if necessary.  We have secure IT systems in place, the knowledge and experience to ensure confidentiality requirements are met.

CRCS Legal 

The expertise you need at hand when you need it

0330 22 10 511

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