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CRCS Legal

CRCS Legal provide the complete Complaint Resolution and Compliance Solutions 


At CRCS Legal we help you to ensure that your regulatory obligations in respect of the SRA code of Conduct and Risk Management for your firm are always managed.

Every COLP has a duty to ensure that the firm and all members of the team are aware of the rules


This involves a considerable amount of time managing risks, implementing compliance, arranging/carrying out training for the firm and ensuring that the firm can demonstrate that you are compliant with the rules and regulations of the SRA and any other rules that must be complied with. 

This makes the roles of COLP and COFA highly pressured and if not fulfilled correctly can carry significant personal liability together with the potential of being struck off.


CRCS Legal can help you implement all of the above saving you time which can then be spent on your clients instead of your firm spending a considerable amount of time managing risks, implementing compliance and ensuring that you can demonstrate this to the regulator.

The SRA new Rules and Regulations came into effect on 25/11/2019 and are two shorter codes of conduct one targeted at the firm and the other at the individual solicitor.

In the new firm's Code of Conduct, Compliance Officers are obliged to ensure that:

Ensure compliance by your firm and it's managers, employees or interest holders with the SRA's regulatory arrangements which apply to them;

ensure that your firm's managers and interest holders and those they employ or contract with do not cause or substantially contribute to a breach of the SRA's regulatory arrangements;


You are also obliged to:


Keep up to date with and follow the law and regulation governing the way you work


CRCS Legal will provide you with the tools and the assurance to meet the high standards your firm needs to keep pace with the fast-changing regulatory framework.

Our complaint resolution and compliance solution services combined with our training provisions are designed to provide you the tools that meets your business needs, keep compliance under review and adapting it as necessary, giving you the assurance not only that you are meeting the SRA's demands continuously, but saving time, money and stress, with the added advantage of having an objective review of matters.


CRCS Legal also offer stand alone services such as file review. File review is a brilliant way to give an overview of how compliant you are.


Please contact us today for any of your needs and we can discuss what suits you best, we can arrange the following: a telephone appointment or a video call which are a 30 minute appointment free of charge.

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